Top Secret Deluxe - All Details


Choose between eyelets or rail with carriage and stopper on the bed rail.

Eyelets: 2 eyelets each on the bed rail in the upper area and 2 eyelets in the lower area. On both sides of the bed rails. 

Rail: On both sides of the bed rail, one rail 30 cm long at the top and bottom, with slide and stopper. Optional: You can also order the rail or eyelets later and "upgrade" the bed. 

Note: The lasered and flamed parts of the bed rail can be removed with screws. Simply screw in the rail or eyelets. The interior of the bed has been designed for this.




Choose between flamed and lasered parts on the bed. The lasered parts on the bed are unique, there are only a handful of people in German-speaking countries who have mastered this art of woodworking. Every part of the bed is handcrafted.



There are currently four variants for the headboard to choose from.


Kopfteil Var1

Sliding door laser cutted


Kopfteil Var2

Vertical spars


Diagonal spars


Kopfteil Var3

Hunter fence



You can also order the eyelets on the headboard later. Likewise the eyelets at the foot end or on the edge of the bed.



You can reorder the pillory later. The inner life is already specified as with the bed rails. A few touches and it's done. The support surface for the pillory under the bed is also included, so that the pillory can be stowed away so that it is not visible from the outside.





We offer the bed in 3 colors. walnut, stone gray and aged wood brown. You can optionally omit the color (stain) and we will deliver it in its natural state.


We currently offer the Top Secret Deluxe bed measuring 200 x 180 cm. A version in 200 x 160 and 210 x 180 will follow soon. Each Top Secret Deluxe bed is handcrafted.


You can choose from 4 types of wood for the Top Secret Deluxe bed. Spruce, oak, core beech or ash. The prices are different. Our recommendation is the spruce and stone gray bed.