Top Secret Deluxe © - World novelty and UNIQUE

A bed is not just a bed. A bed says a lot about a person's character and style.

Many people keep their sexual inclinations under wraps, which is their right, because it is a private matter and nobody's business.

The Top Secret Deluxe VIP looks completely "harmless", but don't open the proverbial "doors" and you'll get excited.

With the Top Secret BDSM Deluxe you can let your erotic fantasies run free. When we developed the BDSM Deluxe, of course we had to test it. We still don't know how many variants of erotic games we came up with.

From now on you can give every visitor a look into the bedroom without anyone suspecting anything.

If someone is not interested in the "gimmicks" on the BDSM deluxe bed, they can also call the bed without the "bells and whistles" their own.

We look forward to "input from our customers". Have fun in your new life!

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